10 Ways to Pamper your Mother, this Mother’s Day

10 Ways to Pamper your Mother, this Mother’s Day

As Brand Marketers, I know how to make magic with words. But, when it comes to speaking about my mum, I don’t feel that words are enough to describe her. She makes tons of sacrifices to make our dreams come true yet she hides her emotions from everyone, so that we don’t get affected by them. But we should also know, that she is a human and craves or should I rather say deserves all the love, pamper, and hugs.

From what we want to eat, to what we want to wear, she knows it all. Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I went into deep thinking and researched for some ideas to make this day of my mother’s the best. Embrace her with the feeling of appreciation and make her feel relaxed at home as venturing out is not safe for anyone.

Check out our elegant and simple ideas that will fill your mum with an abundance of joy, happiness, and love, some things which we need all the time.

1. Gift Her a Clean House

She cleans the house and makes sure that everything is at its respective places every day. It is a tiring and irritating task. On this day, gift her a clean and organized house before she wakes up. Wash the dishes, hang the wet clothes out to dry, wipe the floor- make it spotless and more importantly clean your room or put away the things she always complains about. This can be the best practical gift your mother can have.

2. Organize a Brunch in Bed

From the time you are in your pre-nursery till the time you get a job or even get married, mum is one person that makes sure you do not leave the house without having a filling breakfast. She even calls you at the office in the afternoon to make sure, if you had your lunch or not. Prepare a lavish and delectable brunch of a dish which she likes the most. Elegantly decorate her bed while she is asleep and make the arrangements for setting up brunch in her bed when she wakes up. While she is having brunch, you can give a relaxing foot massage with Laviche’s foot scrubs available online.

 3. Bake Something Special

When the pandemic started, our mums tried new recipes, so that we eat healthy food. Bake her favorite cake or brownie, which will make her emotional. You can look for the recipes online. Make sure to whip up all ingredients appropriately.

4. Express your love with DIY Photo Albums

There is no better gift than a handmade gift. Create a run-down memory lane of all the weird pictures of your mom, family, and her friends with a photo album or a video. It will make her emotional and love you more.  Check out the DIY ideas on the internet and make it with all the craft or creative resources are available at your home.

5. Treating Queen like a QUEEN: A Rejuvenating Body Massage

Hair Oil

With all the running around the house that she does, she deserves to get pampered. On Mother’s Day, give your mum a rejuvenating and relaxing body massage at home. Don’t Worry!! You wouldn’t have to prepare any treatments at home. Laviche Bath Essentials has got you covered with soothing Argan Hair Oil. Made with essentially- rich oils and refreshing flavors, a variety of body and foot scrubs available online rejuvenates and heals the skin cells from deep inside.

 6. Recreate Her Bathing Experience

Due to tight working schedules, she is not able to give herself ME time in the washroom. As it is the most important time for anyone, create it the best way you can. With Laviche Bath Essentials, you can make her bathing experience magical. Filled with natural aromatic fragrance, bathing essentials such as Ubtan Face Mask, Charcoal Face Wash, Vitamin C Face Serum, Hyaluronic Acid,Mini Heart-shaped soaps, Vanilla Cake soaps, Face Mist will make your mum’s refreshedand rejuvenated.

With a large variety of body and face scrubs available online in assorted flavors such as rose, lavender, strawberry, orange face scrub, coffee face scrub, and more, let her loose the dead cells of her skin. These nutrition-rich ingredients will exfoliate and nourishes the skin from the inside out to replace moisture. They also leave your skin providing a sensory smell.

Rose Face Mist

Ubtan Face Mask

Anti Aging Face Cream

Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Rainbow Body Scrub

"Chocolaty Affair" Chocolate Body Scrub

Rose Sunscreen Lotion

Pack of 3 rose soap

Do not forget to buy moisturizer for her skin as it will protect it her skin from harsh elements. You can try out a variety of body lotions, anti-aging face cream,and body butter and body yogurt available online by Laviche bath essentials

 7. Run a Movie Marathon with Her

Due to work-life responsibilities, mums often miss new releases on even on the one which they plan to watch. Plan your evening with two-three movies that are her favorite and spend some quality time with her. Well, this is the best way you can celebrate Mother’s Day in lockdown.

8. Gift Her the Customized Gift Hamper of her Favorite Things

Create a customized basket or a gift hamper and fill it with your mum’s favourite things such as chocolates, bathing essentials, candles, teas, or handmade gifts. If you want to gift her the best body care hampers, Laviche’s Bath Essentials has got you covered with a variety of customizable hampers tailored according to your beauty needs.   

Love You Maa Box

MOM Gift Box

Sweet Treat Box

 9. Plan a Video Call with her Best Friends& Family

Due to the havoc created by the global pandemic, it is safe to have a virtual get-together party over a Zoom call. This Mother’s Day, gift your mum the attention and adoration of everybody she loves, by getting all of them on video call together. This will make her spend the best time with her girl gang and let her cherish the old memories. 

 10. Let Her Plan the Day

Let your mum decide what she wants to do for her, or tell her your plan of action for the day. Arrange the hobbies she always wanted to do, but couldn’t, even if it is a normal one. Just take the time out for her, as it will make her feel special and valued. 

Mother’s Day is not a single-day celebration. It should be celebrated regularly. Being a mother is an ongoing process of handling pain, trauma, tension and working towards eliminating them. This Mother’s Day, do not just make her feel appreciated for the efforts, but also give her the gift of time. Often, in fast-paced lives, we tend to forget our closed ones.  

Treat her like the princess. Gift her the paraben-free, cruelty products such as face serum, orange face mask, lip scrub, hair oil, and hair shampoo, and much more available online at https://lavichebathessentials.com/.
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