5 Awesome Body Care Hampers to Buy this Monsoon

5 Awesome Body Care Hampers to Buy this Monsoon

What do you need the most when the temperatures across the cities cross40 degrees?

Don’t we wait for the monsoon season so desperately!?

The first rainfall of the monsoon season is nothing but short of pure bliss which washes the harmful effects of the scorching heat. Monsoon season is truly blissful weather as it brings the refreshing and tranquil smell of lush green natureand ground soil.

With increased moisture levels in the air, your skin is more prone than usual to a host of bacterial infections and other season-related concerns. We know exactly what awesome body care essentials do you need to combat the effects of monsoon-skin. Also, we have selected these products and curated some awesome body care hampers for you and your kids.

Here are the 5 body care hampers specially curated for you as they will keep your skin healthy, happy, and refreshing.

1. Fill up your senses with Lavender Combo

What could be a better combination than the soothing scent of lavender and the ground soil?

Comprising of Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Body Lotion, and Loofa, this is one of the sorted body care hampers. The aroma of Lavender lets you release all the stress, and provides essential nutrients to repair the skin.

Do you regularly feel irritation and inflammations on your skin?

If yes, use lavender body wash which soothes the skin inflammations, treats dry skin, leaves the skin glowing, and with aromatic fragrance.

  • Deep dive into your bathtub for an exfoliation session and release off your stress, tension, and anxiety with the lavender body scrub and loofa. Made with lavender buds and essential oils, this exfoliation session will heal your body as you move body scrub in a circular motion. Backed by inflammatory properties, unclog the clogged pores, and provides supple skin.
  • Everyone loves soft, glowing, and skin that is pungent. Last, but not least, provide an extra backup for your skin that protects it from harsh elements such as dirt, and harmful rays of the sun. Made with essential oils and Shea butter, rich and creamy lavender body lotion will penetrate the skin and provides hydration to the skin. It will help in retaining the moisture of the skin and leaving it renewed.

So, No more stressing over regular gifting to your loved ones or you! This Lavender Combo is the best choice at it will express your concern to your loved one. Have a look at: https://lavichebathessentials.com/collections/gift-hampers/products/lavender-bath-combo


 2.Rejuvenate yourself with Chocoholic Box

Treat your senses to a world full of chocolaty paradise. Consisting of Chocolaty Body Scrub, Chocolate Lip Balm, Chocolate Hand cream, Chocolate Donut Soap, and Ice pop Soap, this body care hamper is loaded with benefits that can change the skin game.

No one cannot deny the fact that chocolate and coffee are potions for the skin. Now that most people are working from home, why not give your skin something they can cherish while enjoying the pure bliss of the rainy season. Lets’ have a look at the perks of utilizing chocolate as a skincare gift.

Developed with essential oils and coffee extracts, exfoliating your skin with Ecstasy Coffee body scrub will help in reducing cellulite, stretch marks. It prevents anti-aging of the skin, reducing inflammation, treats acne, and dark circles.

Backed by the power of essential natural ingredients such as shea butter, goat milk, and the perfect amalgamation of coffee and cocoa, Chocolate Donut Soap and ice pop soaps are another lovely addition to your skincare routine. Along with nourishing, moisturizing chocolate oils exfoliate the skin from inside, unclogs the clogged pores, and helps to replace the lost moisture. The beautiful soaps renew and hydrate the skin too. 

Handmade with rich essential oils, cocoa powder extracts, and chocolate oil, the chocolate balm and chocolate hand cream will nourish the skin and leave it soft and smooth.

Believe it or not, this gift hamper is a perfect skincare kit for one who is addicted to chocolate. You can also send them out coffee face scrub.

Have a look at: https://lavichebathessentials.com/collections/gift-hampers/products/chocoholic-box

 3. Indulge in a fizzy bathing experience with Bath Bomb Combo

Relax. Refresh. Indulge. Rejuvenate.

Among a ton of extraordinary stuff being produced by the beauty and makeup industry, bath bombs can another great addition to your bathing regime. Made from pure essential oils, high-quality fragrances, bathing salts, citric acid, these colored bath bombs create a fizzy and bubbly bathing experience when dropped into the tub full of water.

Infused with a luscious blend of natural extracts and fruity fragrances, these four flavorful bath bombs will treat your inner-self and help in reducing inner stress, provides anti-aging, calming effects, and nourishing effects to your skin. These bath bombs are suitable for kids too.

Enjoy a personalized spa experience right in the comfort of your home by setting some relaxing music, a glass of wine or champagne, a good book or some scented candles, and of course the combo of Laviche’s Bath Bombs.

Also, take out some time and hold an exfoliation session with body scrubs which are available online which will unclog your skin pores and let them breathe happily. Laviche’s range of beauty essentials can cater to your body care needs as they have a variety of body scrubs and face scrubs available online in the monsoon season.Just have a look at:https://lavichebathessentials.com/collections/soap/products/bath-bomb-combo?_pos=1&_sid=5f9a5b4b4&_ss=r

 4.Goodness of Nature Trunk

Okay, we know that this body care hamper is curated for our supermoms. But, seriously would you miss the bathing essentials made from rose extracts?

Apart from mums, this hamper can be used by anyone who hates anti-aging effects on their skin and looks forward to having clean and refreshing skin.

Although rains bring respite from the scorching heat, they can create a blunder on your skin if proper care is not taken. It is important to cleanse your face at least 3 times a day. After cleaning your face with water, spritz Laviche’s Rose Face Mist on your face as it will help in moisturizing and maintain the pH balance of the face skin.

Backed by shea butter and rose essential oils, the beautiful soaps in the kit are designed to offer ultimate relaxation, soothing and nourishing experience to the skin.

If you are the one who is tired of trying every product to fade sun spots, then Laviche’s Vitamin C Face serum and Anti-ageing face cream are your ultimate rescue partners. Enriched with organic ingredients, they help fade sun spots, discoloration, refine skin texture, and prevent signs of aging and restores natural glow.Find it yourself at: https://lavichebathessentials.com/collections/gifthampers/products/goodness-of-nature-trunk-box-details

 5.Unicorn Lover Box

Why should adults have all the fun? Here’s something we have for your lil’ one, with which they can have a playful and refreshing bathing experience in this monsoon season. 

Welcome your kid to a sparkling world of unicorns. Be it in the bathroom or out of the bathroom, your lil’ one will never get enough of this cute Unicorn Lover Box. Comprising of Unicorn Donut Soap, Cloudy Unicorn Soap, Unicorn Bath Bomb, Unicorn Face Mask, Unicorn Family Soap, Unicorn Water Game, Unicorn Pencil, Unicorn Eraser, this box is nothing but a world full of magical experiences for your kid.

Handmade with shea butter, aroma-rich essential oils, and fruit essential oils, these soaps not just create a playful experience but also, help in nourishing, soothing, and make it feel renewed. You can also add mini soaps to your shopping cart that are specially curated for your child’s refreshing experience.

Check yourself at: https://lavichebathessentials.com/collections/gift-hampers/products/unicorn-lover-box

With the help of some of the above body care hampers, we have got your drip-drip season covered. Laviche’s Bathing care essentials, handcrafted from natural ingredients provide    extra nutrition and care to your skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your monsoon skincare routine now with bathing essentials such as best body scrubs, body butter, orange face mask, mini soaps, and much more available online at: https://lavichebathessentials.com/

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