Best Face Scrubs for a Home Spa

Best Face Scrubs for a Home Spa

Summer is a very tricky time period for your skin. The increase in heat sends your sebaceous glands into overdrive that invariably leads to dry skin appearing rough and oily skin appearing excessively oily. Other contaminants also go into hyper drive and cause damage to your skin leaving it oily and blemished. In summers, just like Face Wash and Face Mask, a Face Scrub is a must have.

Scrubs not only help in removing dead skin cells on the face but also make your skin look younger and lighter. Since dead skin cells make us look way older than our actual age so a regular use of facial scrubs is essential to make your skin smooth, fresh and glowing. Scrubs contain grain like particles like shells of walnut or sugar that exfoliate your skin however excessive usage may lead to skin irritation. Ideally, they should be used twice a week.

There is a wide range of facial scrubsthat are available in the market so choosing the right Face Scrub for a Home Spa is very important. You can also grab some of the home ingredients and make your own homemade scrub. The important thing is to choose the right scrub on the ingredients depending upon your skin type. After all, the face is the most important part of your body.

The top benefits of scrubbing your face are

  1. It helps in removing dead cells. Dead cells make your skin look dull and tired and face scrub removes the layer of dead cells that makes you look younger.
  2. By exfoliating dead cells, face scrubs give an immediate glow to your face.
  3. It improves your skin's texture.
  4. It boosts your skin against ageing complexion.
  5. Helps in reducing fading spots and scars.

Choosing the right face scrub for a home spa is not a tedious task altogether, we at Laviche Bath Essentials offer a wide range of Face Scrubs that can take care of all the skin types. Our ingredients are sourced organically that will give you agreat Spa Experience at home and make your skin feel nourished and healthy this summer.

1. Rose Face Scrub

Rose Face Scrub

Ingredients :Sugar, Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Honey, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.

Laviche Rose Face Scrub contains Rose petals that are very effective in inducing sleep and hence render a calming effect to your skin you completely. Sugar in this rose scrub helps in unclogging the pores and act as a deep cleanser. This scrub will also peel out dead skin cells and ensure softer skin.It has antibacterial properties that reduces acne and pimples

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2. Honey Oats face scrub

Honey Oats Face Scrub

Ingredients :Sugar, Honey,Oats, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.

It works miraculously as it helps in Yielding clean and clear skin andremoves Dead skin cells . The ingredients are also known to be useful treating acne and eczema. It can also be beneficial intackles oily skin as it contains lot of natural exfoliants.

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3.Orange face scrub

Orange Face Scrub

Specially made for summer with the goodness of Sugar, Orange Zest, Sweet Orange Oil, Honey, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.

Oranges have a high content of citric acid and Orange peel has a higher content of Vitamin C than the orange itself so this aids in skin exfoliation and helps to dry out acne, improving the overall look of your skin.

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4. Almond Milk and Honey Face and Body Cream Scrub

Almond Milk and Honey Face and Body Cream Scrub

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Walnut Beads, Honey, Almond Milk Oil.

Laviche Cream scrubbing gives you clean skin, free from dirt, oil, and sweat. Frees Your Skin From dry Flakes. It Helps In removing dead cells, adds glow to skin, removes dark patches, removes acne scars, prevents in-grown Hair and is a must have for Smooth Skin.

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5. Strawberry Face and Body Cream Scrub

Strawberry Face and Body Cream Scrub

Strawberry is a miracle ingredient for skin care benefits as its antioxidant properties are well known. It helps in removingexcess oil from the skin and helps in reducing blemishes & scars!

It comes with the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Walnut Beads and Strawberry Oil that keeps your skin supple and young.

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