Body Yogurts – An Ultimate must have this summer

Body Yogurts – An Ultimate must have this summer

Often, self-care is the first thing that gets sacrificed when life is hectic. With the lock down in place to flatten the curve of the second wave of deadly COVID-19, people tend to forget for taking the time out for themselves. Be it the official deadlines or the daily home chores, one must not forget to take out some ‘Me time’ for themselves as it will lead to offering you a sound and healthy life. Also, it will help you to take better care of others in your family.

That ‘Me Time’ should be devoted to your body, which includes regular workout and your body care – as it helps in releasing the bad toxins and rejuvenating your body. As the summers have kicked in, it is essential to nourish your body with the skincare essentials such as ubtan face mask, orange face scrubs, best body scrubs, and face scrubs, and many other available online.

Till now, there have been many beauty and skincare products that are coming out with a plethora of options for each section of the body. Starting from products for face care coming to products for hands and feet, we have the best body butter available online tailored according to our specific skin needs. For the rest of the body, there are a wide variety of options are available that can be quite confusing. One of the recent products that are getting famous among skincare addicts is body yogurt.  

What is abody yogurt?

Body yogurt is a type of moisturizer that gets quickly absorbed by the skin. Fortified with emulsifiers, it forms a protective shield on the skin and smoothens it to the core. Enriched with nutrient-rich essential oils, it has a long-lasting effect of up to 48 hours than regular body creams and lotions. For the best results, it is advised to apply damp skin straight from the shower.

As many body care products are available in the market, they can confuse anyone.  To help you understand the body yogurts, let us understand that how they are different from other body care products. We will be getting to know about the difference between body yogurt, body butter, body lotion, and body oil. 

Strawberry Body Yogurt


Body Butters: Enriched with shea butter and essentials oils, they offer to moisturize your body for up to 24 hours. Often recommended for those who have dry skin, they help soften the skin during winters and soothes your senses with a refreshing smell.

Rose and Sandalwood Body Butter

Lavender Blossom Body Butter

Body Lotions: Made with paraben-free ingredients, some of the body lotions help in nourishing the skin and leaving it soft and supple. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe dryness, renew the skin, and protects it from harmful elements. Generally, they are known to last for 12 hours. Pamper yourself with Laviche’s bath essentials such as Ubtan Body Mask, Ubtan Face mask, Foot Scrub, and many more.

Rose Body Lotion

Lavender Body Lotion

Body Oils:In India, body oils are quite common as it helps in relaxing the muscles, nourishes the skin and hair. Fortified with essential natural ingredients, it helps to lock the moisture into your skin for hours and creates a protective barrier to maintain the radiant glow throughout the day. Try on some of the best body care hampers tailored according to your wishes.

Whether you are cramped by the office deadlines or home chores, it is essential to take care of the skin regularly as it helps the skin to rejuvenate and provides the essential nutrients to the skin.

Now, let’s discover the amazing benefits of body yogurts to your skin.

1. Fast-absorbing

In today’s fast-paced life, no one has time to take out to moisturize their body every day. Body yogurts get absorbed by the body within a few seconds and keep it moisturized for a long time. Just simply apply to damp skin straight from the shower as it helps in locking in the moisture.

2. Provides long-lasting hydration

Blended with refreshing flavors and packed with essential oils and shea butter, it keeps the skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. Made with natural ingredients You can try Laviche’s range of bath care essentials such as face serum and foot scrubs available online.

3. A Lightweight gel

One of the most attractive benefits of body yogurt is it has a gel cream texture which is lightweight when compared to other body care options. Body yogurt glides on the skin, letting it gel into your skin and making it glow naturally. Check out more body and face scrubs available online.

FUN FACT – It also helps you gliding in your jeans smoothly after application.

Mocha Body Yogurt
4. Amazing Fragrance

As we have informed you on benefits of the body yogurt, you will feel this once you start using it as a daily part of skincare. But wait, we will tell you one more interesting benefit. With four interesting flavors to choose from strawberry, blueberry, mango, and mocha, Laviche’s bathing essential offers you to indulge in the refreshing smell as per your mood.

And if you were looking for a sweetly scented, lightweight, full-body vegan moisturizer, go for the best body butter and yogurts such as Laviche’s bathing essentials. The perfect time to apply the body yogurt is after the shower, and to top it off you can apply with a body mist.

So, if you’re looking for some top-quality, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and plant-based products that won’t break the bank, head on to

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