Handmade Mini Soaps – An absolute must have for your kids

Handmade Mini Soaps – An absolute must have for your kids

Bath time for kids should be adorable, fun, and enriched with nutrition. As colors have a significant impact on the minds of consumer, they are even more impactful on the minds of kids. Let your child indulge in a completely different bathing experience with these mini soaps. Transform your washroom into a complete magical and aromatic world. Adorned with essential oils that have fruity smells, these friendly and sea world mini soaps will recreate a fun and playful session.

We feel YOU!! Finding the best soap for your little ones is no easy task.

Recently, countless families have been making the switch from anti-bacterial bathing soaps to organic bathing essentials. This change in consumer habits had been considered an important change in consumer preference.

When your child is in the growing stage, his/her skin is very sensitive compared to that of an adult. Taking care of your kid has been the utmost priority of any parent for ages. Parents tend to buy even the most expensive baby shampoo or body wash available in the market. But despite the manufacturer’s claim, every bathing essential contains some kind of harmful chemicals.

This is why parents have to consider dyes, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful toxins, while also finding products that won’t cause harm to your child in long run. Therefore, one can consider using the products handcrafted with the utmost care, love, and perfection, such as Laviche Bathing Essentials. They offer a wide variety of body masks, mini-heart-shaped soaps, ubtan face masks, massage bars, body scrubs, face scrubs, body kinds of body butter, lip scrubs, and foot scrubs which are available online.

Lets’ have a look at some of the reasons why mini soaps are the best bet for your child’s skin.

Chemical-Free Organic Soaps

The main reason to choose certified organic for kids is that they are chemical-free, plant-based, and made of natural ingredients such as fruity essential oils, vegetable oils, butter-rich ingredients, nutrient-rich ingredients, natural anti-inflammatory oxidants, which cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes your child’s skin. When compared to ordinary soaps, mini-soaps are big in size and difficult to handle by a kid’s small hands.

When compared to commercial soaps which contain sodium Lauretha sulfate detergents, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic ingredients that can cause your skin to feel dehydrated, age prematurely, or trigger allergic reactions like bumps and rashes. The best things that these handmade mini-hearted soaps possess are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and are not tested on any animals.

Mini Heart Soaps


Handmade Soaps aren’t Made WITH

Mini Unicorn Soaps

Generally, soap manufacturers add preservatives to their soap which increases its shelf life to years and add synthetic foam boosters to make it lather on the skin. Mini-soaps crafted with love and perfection produce rich lather without skin boosters. Natural Soaps do not contain:

  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No detergents
  • No synthetic preservatives

Apart from the handmade mini soaps for your lil’ ones, we have to relax and rejuvenating bathing essentials for the parents too such as Ubtan Face Masks, Body Scrubs, Massage Soaps Bar, Body Yogurt, Foot Scrub, Face serum, and many more bathing essentials

Handmade Soaps are Therapeutic

Handcrafted with fruit-essential oils, handmade soaps provide a sharp fragrance that can enhance the mood of your kid as well parents. Handmade soaps can be used for aromatherapy to de-stress from a hard day at work. As they are enriched with different oils and fragrances, the benefits of aromatherapy can help deal adults with anxiety, to help their kids in boosting their immune system. Handmade soaps with essentially rich fragrances such as Lavender and Rose can calm your mind and muscles down, or citrus flavors can provide you a burst of freshness among many other soap options.

Handmade Mini Soaps can be Customized

Bathing for kids should be a fun and playful experience. This got us into deep thinking as to how can we bring a wide smile to the face of our kids. We decided to create soaps in a shape which are loved by kids, such as animals, cars, lovely unicorns, donuts, waffles, macaroons, cupcakes, and more With the perfect combination of natural ingredients used and produced in the shape of animals, desserts, cars, mini-soaps, and buses, we have got your child’s playtime and bathing time covered.

Mini Dinosaur Soap

Seems exciting? Want to get some for your lil’ one? Check out wide varieties of soaps that will excite your kid for a bath, every day. https://lavichebathessentials.com/.

Customizable handmade mini soaps can be also chosen according to your skin concerns, skin type, preferred fragrance, or any skin sensitivity. The best part is that you can have a collection of different handmade soaps that you can reach out to use when your skin changes due to the weather or other factors. Another best part is that we have handmade mini soaps made just for your child, such as car, bike, bus, helicopter, and even in the shape of your favourite Halloween monster too.

Don’t want to buy single soap for your child? Worry Not!! We have specially curated body care hampers for kids that are gifting-ready and can also be used for person

Handmade Soaps are Rich in Glycerine

Do you know why Glycerine is used in organic handmade bathing products?

Glycerine is known to be a natural skin emollient that keeps the skin well-hydrated by attracting the water from the air around your skin. Glycerine as an ingredient provides soft and supple skin, especially in cold weather. This ingredient makes the natural handmade mini – soaps a must-have for all to have baby-soft skin.

Commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine from their soaps to decrease the shelf -lives of soap and then sell products like a lotion to moisturize your body.

Mini Sea World Soap

Handmade Soaps are Environment-Friendly

Anti-bacterial soaps are not only harmful to your kids’ skin or your skin, but they leave a larger impact on the health of the planet. During the manufacturing of the anti-bacterial soaps, the remnants of this soap go into river streams and oceans, which leads to polluting the flora and fauna of Mother Earth. Some chemicals left untreated promote algae blooms that kill the natural vegetation and lifeforms of mangroves while contributing to global warming.

Crafted with love, perfection, natural kinds of butter, and fruity essential oils instead of synthetic chemicals and detergents, these handmade mini soaps are a pleasure to buy and responsible move towards your body as well as the environment. Enriched with the selection of only herbal ingredients, essential oils, and natural botanical extracts, organic handmade soaps have a rich dose of nutrients that will repair your skin and reverse the damage caused. 

Begin your new bathing regime today with the natural bathing essentials by ordering your essentials from Laviche Bath Essentials. They offer a wide variety of body scrubs, face serums, body scrubs, foot scrubs, and a funky collection of mini soaps for kids. They are completely paraben-free, and cruelty-free products. https://lavichebathessentials.com/




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