How to Choose the Perfect Face Mask

How to Choose the Perfect Face Mask

Face masks can be a game-changer in your skin-care routine, but they are not all created equal. With the category rapidly expanding, navigating the market and narrowing in on the specific formula that will give you the complexion of your dreams is becoming increasingly difficult. But the good news is that we are living in the Golden Age of face masks, and with so many options available, you are sure to find one that you like. In order to help you find the best face mask for your skin type, we have put together a comprehensive guide.

What is the purpose of a face mask?

Adding a mask to your skin-care routine can be beneficial. Masks can help hydrate the skin, boost exfoliation, or simply calm it when it is irritated, depending on the needs of the skin. Masks can be useful tools for tailoring your routine to address specific concerns, such as a stubborn pimple or seasonal dryness, even if you have your morning and nighttime routines down pat.

How often do you need to mask?

It is debatable. You should not have any trouble doing so on a daily basis if you are using a soothing or hydrating formula. You can use gentle sheet masks with moisturising and hydrating ingredients on a daily basis. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it; masks with potent active ingredients and exfoliating or "detoxifying" properties should be used once a week or less, depending on your skin's sensitivity. It is all about finding the right balance; slathering your skin with too much can be irritating, not because of irritating ingredients, but because it is almost like eating a five-star gourmet meal every day.

What is the best way to find the right mask for your skin?

It can be intimidating to enter the mask section of a good website like Laviche or filtering through the massive selection online can be intimidating. So, how do you know what you should be looking for? Begin by identifying your primary skin concerns, and work your way from there. Do you have an oily, acne-prone skin type? Look for clay or charcoal-based products that absorb excess oil, control sebum production, and prevent clogging of pores. If you have dryness and sensitivity on the other end of the skin-type spectrum, look for a mask that will provide you with a dose of soothing moisture. Sulfur or kaolin, both anti-inflammatory ingredients, will help to calm the skin.

If you are looking for a brightening mask, try one with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or licorice; if you are concerned about fine lines or signs of ageing, try one with retinol. Take a quick look at the packaging of most masks to see what issues they target, and then go from there, experimenting a little if necessary to find a favourite. And we are here to assist you with that as well: Our picks for the best face masks to try right now for every skin type can be found in the mini-galleries below.

Why Ubtan Face Mask is Best?

If you are an Indian, your Daadi Maa (Grandmother) or Maa (Mother) would have handed you a bowl of yucky looking yellow paste and asked you to scrub yourself clean with it, no matter where you live in India or even if you live abroad. You would have grudgingly followed the instructions and emerged from your bath bright and shiny.

Ubtan exfoliates dead skin cells gently, unclogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe, leaving you feeling revitalised. Sandalwood, for example, brightens the skin's appearance. Ubtans may aid in the prevention and reduction of facial fuzz, as well as the treatment of ingrown hair. Allow for some drying time before rubbing the Ubtan in the opposite direction of hair growth.If necessary, use a little oil and do not rub too hard. To see results, you must use Ubtan on a regular basis, which may take some time. Natural coolants such as Rose,

Sandalwood, and Aloe Vera are used in the Ubtans, which help to remove heat from the skin and have a soothing effect. The cooling effect is especially beneficial for skin that has been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

Made with natural clays and herbs, this Ubtan face mask from Laviche has cooling properties that help to relieve excess heat and tan on your skin. It removes dead skin and aids in the development of soft, supple skin. Ubtan's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties prevent bacteria from growing, keeping the skin free of acne, spots, and pimples. This Ubtan Face Pack can be used on a daily basis and has the ability to remove dull skin, tanned complexion, blemishes, blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and skin tanning. Ubtan is all-natural, with organic ingredients that boost the benefits and give you the "Bridal Glow."

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