How to keep your skin Fresh and Healthy, this Summer?

How to keep your skin Fresh and Healthy, this Summer?

Summers can be brutal for your skin. It is again that time of the year when the temperature soars, the heat, and humidity make your active oil glands hyperactive.  the body starts releasing toxins when exposed to the outer world. With the advent of the summer season, our skin starts screaming for more protection. From those itchy annoying rashes and sunburns to the stubborn tan and acne- you need to level up your skincare game to stay away from unwanted summer skin issues.

Let us put a light on some of the top 10 skincare tips that will help in keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

1. Hydrate and cleanse your face regularly

Consider cleaning your face regularly as it helps to remove excess oil from the skin. Choose among a variety of home-grown skincare products that are not harmful and leaves a refreshing smell on your face. Apart from opting for the face wash, you can also exfoliate the face by using various face masks. Some of the best face masks you can opt for ubtan face masks and rose face masks. It also helps in removing dead skin cells, blemishes, blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and skin tanning. Washing your face twice or thrice a day keeps you refreshed and active at all times.

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2. Amp up your Water Intake

Water is the basic necessity for keeping up your health. Drinking 3-5 liters of water a day keeps your skin healthy as it detoxifies your skin by flushing out the toxins and impurities. It helps in improving skin tone, prevents premature aging and acne, prevents heat-related skin eruptions, maintains pH balance, and provides many other reliefs to the skin.

3. Go Pro when heading out with a moisturizer

As we all know that sun’s UV rays are harmful to our skin, which causes skin problems like premature aging, dullness, dark spots, wrinkles. The one and only knight in shining armor which helps to protect our skin is the sunscreen lotion. Made with natural and cruelty-free ingredients, there are a variety of options and fragrances available. Finding a suitable sunscreen lotion and the best body butters available online is essential as it clogs the skin pores which makes it unable for cells to breathe.  One such body sunscreen lotion we can ask you to try is Laviche’s. Fortified with essentials natural ingredients, it protects, makes smooth skin tone, and nourishes the skin. Therefore, it has got you covered at all times.


4. Increase your antioxidant intake

Soothing your body with antioxidant creams isn’t enough, one has to maintain a proper intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables, this summer. Fruits like watermelon and avocado have very high-water content. Consuming them will not only aid in strengthening your immune system but will also keep your skin hydrated, giving the natural glow.

Your refrigerator could include summer fruits and vegetables like Mango, Watermelon, Carrots, Kiwi, Lychee, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, and other fruits rich in Vitamin C.

5. Exfoliate your skin

Peeling off the dry patches and dead skin cells is extremely important. These dry patches get accumulated onto your skin due to the lack of moisture. If you don’t get rid of these dry patches, your skin will turn flaky, itchy, and may increase your chances of increase. Grab a scrub of your choice and massage your face and body in a circular motion, before taking a shower. There are a variety of face and scrubs available online such as orange face scrub, Honey Oats face scrub, Rose face scrub, and many more.


6. Get the work out done

Physical activity helps in improving blood flow, which helps skin cells to get more oxygen. Along with the weight loss, it helps in toning the muscles and gaining the natural glow that the skin wants. It helps the body to flush out impure toxins through sweat and increase sleep quality.

7. Cool off with a Face Mist

Never let the moisture evaporate from your skin during the parched summer days. Spritz the mist on your face to seal in moisture and to keep your skin looking plump and fresh. It helps in soothing sunburns and inflammations and makes your skin look fresh and dewy. Think of a facial mist as your afternoon hydration pick-me-up. It is also advisable to use face serum for naturally glowing skin on your face.


8. Handle your EYES with the care

As you know that area around the eyes is more delicate than other parts of your face, which needs special care. Do not forget to wear sunglasses when stepping out in the sun as it will prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eyes. Also, apply moisturizing eye cream and massage the area around your eyes every night to relax the muscles.

9. Never Forget your Lips & Feet

Exfoliate your feet by scrubbing them often with a relaxing and de-toning them with your favorite scrub. Apply a suitable lip balm and lip scrub which are available online at night which will help them gain moisture. Drink lots of water to keep lips from drying out, and avoid licking your lips as it reduces moisture.Also, check out the wide range of body and foot scrubs available online.

10. Rejuvenate your body with cold water showers.

Avoid hot showers and steam baths during the summers as they can dehydrate the skin. Taking cold water showers will keep your skin pores unclogged and prevent acne.

So, with some of these simple skin care tips, you and your skin can enjoy the summer. After all, with some effort, your body, skin, and eyes will be well-protected and well-prepared!

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