Laviche Gift Hampers: Celebrate this Holi with your wife

Laviche Gift Hampers: Celebrate this Holi with your wife

Holi celebrations are packed with pleasure and excitement, providing everyone with wonderful moments. The beauty of this celebration is that it spreads joy by using brilliant colours. Everyone loses their original identity on this momentous occasion. Holi's colourful water blurs the lines between people's classes, creeds, and castes. People join their hands in celebration of this momentous event, which is filled with joy and excitement. It is a day when people consume delectable foods and give presents to their loved ones while sending heartfelt greetings and wishes.

Celebrating Holi with your loved ones may bring back a lot of happy memories, and it is a terrific way to spread the message of trust, love, and brotherhood.On the festival of colours, there is more to do than eat handmade gujiyas and fling water balloons at each other. Here's all you can do to make the day as memorable as you want it to be if you want it to be both fun and romantic.

Below are some gift hampers that you can give to your wife and make her Holi super special:


  1. All That She Wants Box- Rose



This hamper is the best gift a wife can get for this Holi. This Hamper consists of Rose Body Wash, Intimacy Rose Body Scrub, Papaya Face Gel, Rose Bath Salts and Rose Face Mist. Formulated to provide a skin-friendly bathing experience. Enjoy a delightful lather with a small amount of this Hamper. Skin is left feeling completely clean, silky, and soft.Intimacy Rose Body Scrub Benefits the closeness of fresh roses and the feel of a revitalising affair! With its Intimacy Rose body scrub, lavichebathessentials is offering an exquisite love affair. Other products in this combo are perfect for her skin and she will definitely feel pampered with this gift.


  1. Lavender Combo


Lavender combo from Laviche Bath Essentials consists of Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Body Lotion and Loofa. Because lavender lowers inflammation, it can help to balance out skin tone. It can help with discolouration and dark spots. Lavender oil aids in the reduction of blotchiness and redness. Lavender oil may also be helpful if you have hyperpigmentation on your skin.


  1. Rose Bath Combo



This is a combo similar to the first hamper but is particularly made to take care of her skin. It consists of Rose bodywash, Rose Body Lotion and Loofa Box Packing. Roses have grown more popular as a skincare component, and it is easy to understand why. To have healthy skin, you must keep your pH balanced. Our skin contains an "acid mantle," which is a thin layer that protects us from infection and environmental causes. The skin's capacity to defend itself is harmed when it is overly alkaline or acidic.

Pollution, environmental pollutants, and the sun all contribute to the skin's pH equilibrium being disrupted. Roses have a pH that is nearly equal to human skin, making them ideal for imparting moisture and anti-inflammatory effects without generating pH imbalances. It may also be applied swiftly and simply before makeup or other skincare products in the form of rose water!

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