Laviche Hair Care Range- Your Ultimate Guide to Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Laviche Hair Care Range- Your Ultimate Guide to Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Invest in your Hair,

It is the crown you never take off!

Your hair needs all the more care and adoration like any other part of your body. Sometimes, this important part is taken for granted or worse, ignored. Time crunch, busy schedule, weather conditions and pollution make it even more difficult to manage your precious locks.

Everyone wants that gorgeous mane, soft and silky manageable hair! Apart from simply shampooing and conditioning your hair, your royal ‘Crown’ needs something more!

Don’t you worry.

Laviche Bath Essentials has made it all easy-breezy for you. Follow Laviche’s Hair Care guide to enhance your hair’s natural beauty.

Top Hair Care Tips Straight From The Experts

For shimmer and shine use hair serum divine-

Hair Serum forms a protective layer on your hair, protecting it from the sun, dust and heat. Be it any season- hot summers, harsh winters or humid monsoons, your hair needs protection from damage. It also makes hair frizz-free and shiny. If you want salon styled hair at home with minimum damage to your natural hair, Serum is a must-have.

What Is Hair Serum: Why You Should Be Using This 1 Product | The Trim

Laviche’s Hair Serums are magic in a tiny bottle. It smoothens your hair, adds shine, protects it from pollution, makes styling easy and controls frizz.

All you need is a few drops of in fingers and comb through your hair. That's all you need for smooth and shiny hair!


Put Some Oil For Rapunzel-Like Tresses-

Oh, those long and strong Rapunzel hair!

Wish you too could let your hair down and pull up your prince charming? Why should girls have all the fun?  Even our handsome men can have those healthy and nourished locks. Want to know the secret to perfect thick, black and glossy hair? Shhhhhhh… It's the old grandma’s secret!

How To Pamper Your Hair With A Hot Oil Massage To Prevent Hair Loss

Oil your hair regularly and see the magic unfold! is the ultimate solution to all your hair troubles. It has all-natural ingredients like neem, almond, amla, methi, sesame that not only strengthen the hair but also stimulate growth, prevent dandruff, reduce hair fall and prevent premature graying. Massage Laviche Bath Essentials hair oil deep into your scalp and wash off the next morning.


Extra Bounce And Nourishment With Pre-Shampoo Treatment-

Healthy hair needs extra deep nourishment. Damage from styling, straightening irons, split-ends, hair-colour and other factors all add up to dull and lifeless hair. A hair mask or a pre-shampoo treatment, helps to heal damaged hair by locking the moisture and softness. Apply a hair mask followed by shampoo and conditioning and enjoy healthy and thick hair! contains super-rich ingredients such as natural oils and shea butter in heavy concentrations. Its reconstructing and enriching components instantly replenish damaged hair leaving them soft, shiny and velvety. Apply Laviche’s creamy lush hair masks regularly before shampooing. Feel the satin-soft hair in your hands and get rid of all your hair troubles.


Use Laviche Bath Essential’s Hair-Care Range to get yourself salon like hair, easily at home!

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