Turn your Bathing Experience into a Magical one !!!

Turn your Bathing Experience into a Magical one !!!

Aren’t you bored of the same old shower routine that you use every morning? As people have got tighter work schedules, they often tend to forget about themselves and the relaxing time they need. Taking a bath is not about getting clean-that's what showers are meant for. Baths are about calming your troubled minds and soothing your aches and pains, both physical and emotional.

Let us help you with some of the tricks and products that could make your bathing experience magical. So, if you will your morning quick shower, you must cherish the shower, that you will be going to have after a long day. 

Step 1: Clean your Bathroom

No one can feel relaxed and rejuvenated in disordered and dirty surroundings. If your bathroom is out of order, take out few minutes to arrange things, wipe down everything, and shake out your bath mat and sweeping out your floor.

Step 2: Decide your Pampering Essentials

There are many pampering essentials on which you can count for a magical bathing experience. Such as Laviche’s bathing products which are handcrafted with love, are skin-friendly, paraben-free and made with natural nourishing ingredients. Checkout our premium bathing range which will not only rejuvenate you, but also make your bathing experience a playful one.

Bathing Soaps

To begin with, we have beautifully crafted different soaps which have been designed to give the shape of animals such as Unicorn eraser, Mermaid, Lion, Mini Soaps, Dinosaur and much more. Do not worry about the health benefits of these soaps as they are 100% safe. These animal-shaped soaps are made with shea butter, vitamin-rich oil, and goat milk, which will make your body smooth and nourished. They also can be a perfect gift for your little ones, as they tend to play during the shower.


Have you ever imagined that you can take your body on a delicious bathing experience? If not, then you are wrong. Our bathing essentials have a range of soaps that are shaped into your favorite treats, such as Chocolate Donut, Strawberry and Chocolate Waffles, Mini Heart-shaped soaps, Vanilla Cake soaps, Popsicle Soap, and much more. Made with extra care, each dessert chocolate is adorned with their respective flavors, nutrition-rich ingredients which will exfoliate and nourishes the skin from inside out to replace moisture. They also leave your skin providing a sensory smell.

Want to give your body a massage enriched with the smell? Here the massage bar soap which will gently massage your skin and relieve muscle tension while enjoying the invigorating aroma. This soap will leave your skin cleansed and moisturized. The massage bar soap can be experienced in flavors like Almond Milk, Lavender, and Charcoal.

Body Scrubs

Scratch dead the dead cells off your skin with a large variety of body scrubs available online in assorted flavors like the rainbow, rose, lavender, charcoal, strawberry, coffee face scrub, and much more body scrubs available online. These body scrubs help in generating healthy cells, smoothens the rough, dry skin. Enriched with healing properties, these body scrubs will leave a refreshing aroma on your body.

Step 3: Gathering your Basic Supplies

Before you go inside the bathroom, make sure you have all the things that will relax your mind and save you from last minute disasters, as it can ruin your mood. Check for the following things:

  • A Couple of Towels: Carry a main big towel and few hand towels in the bathroom. Place them within the easy reach of your hands, so that you can dry your hands as needed to prevent magazines or phone from getting wet.
  • Entertainment: Set up a soothing music playlist, or favorite show on Netflix, and grab something to drink as to prevent dehydration in the bathroom.
  • Other Beauty Treatments: You can also choose to pamper yourself more with Laviche’sbath essentials such as Ubtan Body Mask, Ubtan Face mask, Foot Scrub,

Step 4: Do not forget to Shower

Before you get into the bath tub, shower away your filth that you have accumulated that day. Also, do not forget to wash away your feet, otherwise the dust and dirt will contaminate your perfect bath. 

Step 5: Start the Unwinding Process

Get in the tub, enjoy the blissful time, refresh and rejuvenate yourself. After a blissful bath, you can either sleep or get yourself delivered something amazing to eat.

In today’s fast-paced lives, people usually do not get to experience this kind of bath daily. You can plan this kind of bathing experience once or twice a week or plan a short duration daily as it is important to designate some quiet time to yourself. It will help you to destress and detoxify. Do not forget to apply moisturizer on your skin before leaving your home as it will protect it from harsh elements. You can try out a variety of body lotions and body butter and body yogurt available online by Laviche bath essentials.

You can easily find more paraben-free, cruelty products such as face serum, orange face mask, lip scrub, hair oil, and hair shampoo and much more available online at https://lavichebathessentials.com/.

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