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Macaron Lip Balm Combo

Macaron Lip Balm Combo

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It includes -

1) Strawberry Crush Macaron Lip Balm -  The Strawberry variant has a sweet tinge that makes your lips look soft, full and delicious! Furthermore, it recuperates dried out, dry and broken lips.

2) Blueberry Blast Macaron Lip Balm -  Blueberries fight early signs of aging and keep lips young, pink and supple. The vitamin C in blueberries helps in strengthening the blood vessels. Weak blood vessels are prone to damage and breakage. These make the lips sensitive and a perfect target for numerous allergies and discoloration.

3) Bubble Gum Macaron Lip Balm - It heals cracked & chapped lips. It moisturises & soothes lips plus it has yummy bubble gum flavour.



  • Shea butter nourishes your lips and helps to make it soft and supple.

  • Goat milk helps to soothe chapped lips.

  • Rich in fruit essential oil, these lip balms hydrate and leave your lips feeling smooth and renewed.

Additional Information

Avoid:Contact with eyes and cuts/bruises
How to Keep:Cool and Dry place
Veg / Nonveg / Vegan:Veg
Dispatched Timelines:5-7 Working Days
Shipping Areas:PAN India
Manufactured & Designed In:Gurgaon
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